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Database architecture, System design, UX Design, Branding, Web development, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

Secure, Efficient Feedback & Reporting for Modern Workspaces

Elker bridges the gap between employees seeking support and leadership aiming for data-driven strategies. We enhanced its encrypted, user-friendly feedback system.

Our tech-driven solution amplified Elker’s vision of a risk-free, efficient, and caring support system, making it accessible anytime and anywhere.

Yoga Vastu

Graphic design, User experience, Project management, Social Media, SEO, Web development

Pioneering the Digital Transformation of Iyengar Yoga

Yoga Vastu, under the guidance of the renowned Pixie Lillas, desired to bring its unmatched Iyengar yoga teachings to a global audience. Codacora paved the way with an intuitive digital platform, marrying tradition with innovation.

Thousands flock to Yoga Vastu's platform, not just for its content but also for its seamless user experience, impeccable design, and easy-to-use features.

The Pool Collective

Headless CMS, Modular Content Builder, Web Development

Elevating Creative Imagery with Swift Load Times

The Pool Collective, known for their curated artists and makers, required a website that exemplified their attention to detail. Codacora brought their vision to the digital forefront with improved content delivery systems.

Our solution focused on minimizing load times, maximizing impact. This not only enhanced user experience but also maintained the pristine quality The Pool Collective is renowned for.

Edgecliff Physiotherapy

Design, User Experience, Data Migration, SEO, Web Development

Revitalizing Online Presence for Holistic Physiotherapy

For Edgecliff Physio, the vision of an integrated body and health was paramount. Codacora stepped in to bring this vision online — refining user experience and ensuring top-tier local search presence.

With a combination of design ingenuity and technical expertise, the new site now reflects their holistic ethos while achieving impeccable SEO and page speed scores.

Balmain Yoga

Web development, Design, User experience, Custom plugins, Content management system, Marketing, Social media

Revitalizing an Iconic Yoga Studio’s Online Presence

Balmain Yoga, with its rich history and experienced teachers, needed a digital makeover that matched its legacy. Codacora delivered with a revitalized branding and an efficient website.

With a custom booking system and strategic SEO, Balmain Yoga now enjoys the top spot in Balmain’s Google search, drawing yoga enthusiasts from all over.

Older Persons Advocacy Network

Headless CMS, Technical SEO Audit, UX Design, Web development

Facilitating Elderly Independence Through Digital Advocacy

Older Persons Advocacy Network has been a beacon of support for elderly individuals navigating aged-care services.

Our custom CMS and meticulous SEO support amplified their digital presence, ensuring a wider outreach and smoother client interactions.

Elders Rights Advocacy

Headless CMS, Technical SEO Audit, UX Design, Web development

Empowering Elders with Quality Aged Care Information & Services

For three decades, Elder Rights Advocacy has championed the human rights of older Victorians to receive exceptional aged care.

We provided them with a modular CMS, custom page builder, and a technical SEO audit, ensuring an effective digital presence.

Head Full of Food

Web development, Content management system, Marketing integrations

Rethinking Retail Food Online

In a competitive online space, especially in the food sector, standing out is essential. We crafted an online platform for Head Full of Food that does justice to Charles Bowie’s innovative approach to retail food consulting.

Charles Bowie is not just a consultant; he’s a collaborator. Reflecting this ethos in the website was crucial. We made sure potential clients not only saw Charles’s expertise but also felt the warmth of his collaborative spirit.

Resolution Pathways

Project management, System design, UX Design, Web development

Augmenting Dispute Resolution for APRA AMCOS

Codacora provided support to Resolution Pathways, a key platform designed to assist in resolving disputes involving music creators, APRA AMCOS, OneMusic Australia, and music users.

The service is external from APRA AMCOS and OneMusic Australia, focusing on ensuring independent determination and efficient problem-solving.


Web development, Branding, Logo design, User experience, Automations

Simplifying Energy Market Dispute Resolution

WEMDRA, aiming to simplify the complexities of the energy market’s dispute resolution, entrusted Codacora to devise a tool that is both user-friendly and efficient.

The result? A secure, easy-to-navigate platform that automates tedious processes, enhancing the overall experience for all stakeholders.

Resolve Advisors

App development, Project management, System design, Web development

Tech-Driven Solutions for Dispute Resolution & Management

Codacora bolstered Resolve Advisors with advanced technology solutions, focusing on dispute resolution, conflict management, and business automation.

Drawing from the rich legacy of Resolve Advisors since 1996, our collaborative efforts ensured seamless integration of modern technology into their core strategies.

National Legal Aid

Graphics, Project management, System design, UX Design, Web development

Simplifying Legal Information Across Australia

Codacora provided support to a large and complex project to simplify legal information across all states and territories in Australia.

The website is not only multi-lingual and highly secure but also trauma-informed and ranks high in search results.

Codacora made the transition from our physical yoga space, to the digital space with Yoga Vastu very simple. They have preserved the essence of our teaching, made it accessible and given it a modern user-friendly experience.

Yoga Vastu

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