Case Study - Augmenting Dispute Resolution for APRA AMCOS

Codacora provided web development and project design services to Resolution Pathways to augment their capacity to resolve disputes for APRA AMCOS members and licensees.

Resolution Pathways
Project management, System design, UX Design, Web development


Resolution Pathways plays a pivotal role in the music industry, especially in connection with APRA AMCOS and OneMusic Australia. It's designed to offer independent pathways for parties to resolve disputes. Codacora stepped in to provide essential web development and project design services, thereby enhancing the capability of Resolution Pathways to serve APRA AMCOS members and licensees better.

What we did

  • Project management
  • System design
  • UX Design
  • Web development

Focused on User Experience

Achieving a WCAG2.1 compliant website and integrating a simple CMS reflects our dedication to creating platforms that resonate with users, ensuring that they can efficiently navigate the content without barriers.

About Resolution Pathways

An embodiment of neutrality and efficacy, Resolution Pathways streamlines dispute resolution processes in the music industry, fostering harmony and clarity amidst the cacophony of differing viewpoints.

Accessible website for all users
Simple to use content management system
User-centric design focus
Privacy Principles
Unique daily visitors

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