Case Study - Elevating Creative Imagery with Swift Load Times

Codacora transformed The Pool Collective’s digital presence by migrating their website to an efficient CMS, optimizing it for rapid content delivery. The focus was on ensuring video and image content loaded quickly without compromising quality.

The Pool Collective
Headless CMS, Modular Content Builder, Web Development


The Pool Collective is a testament to the union of art and craftsmanship. Every artist and maker in their roster brings unique vision and unmatched skill. Their digital presence needed to reflect this uniqueness and precision. Codacora stepped in, optimizing their website for swift video and image loads, ensuring that the online experience was as captivating as the art it showcased.

What we did

  • Headless CMS
  • Modular Content Builder
  • Web Development

Art in the Digital Age

In an era where art blends seamlessly with technology, The Pool Collective needed a platform that reflects their dedication to both art and making. Our task? Ensuring the digital experience matched their high-caliber content, offering users a visual treat.

Crafting the Perfect Showcase

When presenting art, the platform should complement, not overshadow. Optimizing video and image load times was more than a technical task; it was about ensuring the spotlight remained on The Pool Collective's riveting content.

video content delivery
image content delivery
navigation experience

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