Case Study - Simplifying Energy Market Dispute Resolution

Codacora crafted an intuitive navigator for WEMDRA to manage dispute systems within Australia’s wholesale energy market. This directory not only bridges communication gaps among energy sector members for dispute resolution but also brings clarity to intricate legal systems through automation and design.

Web development, Branding, Logo design, User experience, Automations


The intricacies of the Australian wholesale energy market's dispute system presented a unique challenge. WEMDRA needed a tool that would not just act as a directory but also a means to maintain seamless contact amidst members. Codacora’s solution streamlined a labyrinthine legal system, ensuring secure, easy communication and automating time-intensive tasks.

What we did

  • Web development
  • Branding
  • Logo design
  • User experience
  • Automations

Transforming Energy Disputes

Tackling disputes in the intricate wholesale energy sector can be labyrinthine. Recognizing this challenge, our strategy was straightforward: make the complex simple. We transformed intricate legal systems into digestible, user-friendly pathways.

Powering Connections

WEMDRA isn't just a platform; it's a nexus in the energy sector for dispute resolution. Our design philosophy was rooted in this truth, enabling straightforward avenues for communication, collaboration, and resolution.

User management and contact detail updates are simple and streamlined.
Strong focus on securing access and information
Highly secure
Navigation and visual identity make the complex simple

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