Case Study - Revitalizing an Iconic Yoga Studio’s Online Presence

Codacora did a branding refresh for Balmain Yoga and built an entirely new website with a custom booking system. The site was built to be fast, engaging, and to work with custom plugins. Balmain Yoga is the top-ranking yoga studio on Google in Balmain based on our work.

Balmain Yoga
Web development, Design, User experience, Custom plugins, Content management system, Marketing, Social media


Founded by the esteemed Pixie Lillas in 1980, Balmain Yoga is a symbol of authentic Iyengar Yoga practices in Sydney. However, with evolving times, there arose a need for a digital transformation. Codacora stepped in to design a seamless online experience that respects the studio’s legacy while integrating modern functionalities.

What we did

  • Web development
  • Design
  • User experience
  • Custom plugins
  • Content management system
  • Marketing
  • Social media

Codacora’s transformation of our online presence has been excellent. We’ve seen an uptick in enrollments and regular compliments for our site’s usability and design. Being ranked at the top of Google in our area is an added bonus.

Pixie Lillas
Founder, Balmain Yoga

A Legacy in Yoga

The Balmain Iyengar Yoga Studio is not just a place—it's an institution. Founded in 1980 by the world-reknowned Pixie Lillas, Balmain Yoga carries forward a legacy of authentic Iyengar Yoga practice. At Codacora, we understood the weight of this legacy and the responsibility we held in translating it into a digital experience. Our design choices, UX flow, and overall website architecture were all aimed at preserving this legacy while making it accessible to a new generation of yoga enthusiasts. Our goal was to highlight the dedication and experience that Pixie and her team bring to their practice, whilst appealing to a broad audience.

Crafting an Accessible Digital Experience

In the world of yoga, the experience is everything. The calm of the space, the guidance of an instructor, and the sense of community are pivotal to the practice. Our challenge was to bring that same tangible atmosphere to an online setting. The Balmain Yoga website goes beyond just providing information; it's an online extension of their physical space, a platform where practitioners can engage, learn, and grow. From in-depth video classes to illustrative guides, the digital platform becomes a place of exploration and deepening one's practice. This commitment to a holistic and engaging digital experience highlights the ethos of Balmain Yoga to every visitor, whether local or connected online.

Google search rank in Balmain
optimised client conversion business logic
branding, engaging for all ages

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