Case Study - Simplifying Legal Information Across Australia

Codacora provided support to a large and complex project to simplify legal information across all states and territories in Australia. We worked with multiple stakeholders to provide a comprehensive information resource around family violence law in Australia.

National Legal Aid
Graphics, Project management, System design, UX Design, Web development


National Legal Aid aimed to simplify the complex terrain of family violence law across Australia. Codacora stepped in to support this initiative, working closely with various stakeholders and ensuring the information was presented clearly, securely, and with a trauma-informed approach.

What we did

  • Graphics
  • Project management
  • System design
  • UX design
  • Web development
  • Content support

Ongoing Support

Post-project, our dedication to National Legal Aid remained unwavering. Codacora's team is consistently involved in the platform's maintenance, ensuring that legal information remains easily accessible and updated to meet the ever-evolving family violence law landscape in Australia.

About National Legal Aid

For many seeking clarity and understanding about family violence law, National Legal Aid stands as an invaluable resource. By collaborating with various stakeholders, they've created an encompassing platform that aids countless Australians daily, ensuring justice and support for families in need.

Accessibility standards
Unique daily visits
20 languages Supported
Firewalls and login protection
High security

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