Case Study - Rethinking Retail Food Online

Codacora refreshed the online presence of the Head Full of Food brand, emphasizing the contemporary approach director Charles Bowie brings to the retail food sector.

Head Full of Food
Web development, Content management system, Marketing integrations


Head Full of Food is a beacon of innovation in the retail food sector. Led by Charles Bowie, they offer invaluable consultancy that goes beyond mere advice; it's a collaborative journey towards success. Codacora was entrusted with the task of translating this unique approach into a digital platform.

What we did

  • Web development
  • Content management system
  • Marketing integrations

Behind the Strategy

When we first met Charles Bowie, we quickly realized that the Head Full of Food brand was not just about retail food consultancy—it was about igniting passion, creativity, and collaboration in the food sector. Our approach to the website's development was driven by this insight. The design choices, content flow, and integrated marketing tools were all structured to mirror the uniqueness of the brand. We opted for a minimalistic design with ample whitespace, letting the content breathe and making it easier for users to focus on the core offerings of Head Full of Food.

Evolving with the Food Industry

The food industry is dynamic, and so is the consultancy provided by Head Full of Food. Recognizing this, we built a website capable of adapting to the ever-evolving needs of the brand. The modular content management system (CMS) ensures that the site can be updated with ease, reflecting the latest trends, insights, and offerings from Charles and his team. Furthermore, with integrated marketing tools, the platform is not just a static website but an active funnel, driving engagement, building relationships, and fostering collaborations in the vibrant world of retail food.

Social media, newsletters and more
Assistance with building a funnel
Marketing support
Quick page load times
Speed optimisation

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