Codacora was created to bridge the language divide that exists between the tech world and the not-so-tech world.

We have 15 years of working across multiple projects and developing systems for business leaders, educators, founders, doctors and lawyers. The thing that consistently frustrates projects is a miscommunication between people that have ideas and people that can execute them.

The Codacora team have extensive experience working on both sides of this equation. We have been project creators and project managers. We can talk at a high-level about project scope and also in granular detail about the micro-steps needed to implement ideas effectively.

What we do?

Web development
Research and insights
Project management
Conversion rate optimisation
Systems architecture
Legal strategy

UX/UI design
Digital strategy
Interactive design
Visual identity
Art direction
Social media
Legal contracts

Our story

Codacora started in 2019 by Jack Murray and Alex Murray.

Jack Murray is an experienced project manager, coder, user experience designer and technology consultant. He is also trained as a lawyer and holds a Juris Doctor and a degree in Communications.

Jack has been involved as a co-founder, consultant and developer across multiple startups. Together with Shirli Kirschner, he co-founded  Resolve Innovations, a new law and dispute resolution technology hub created by Resolve Advisors (resolveadvisors.com.au).

He has experience building enterprise-level web and mobile platforms for the legal sector, government and small to medium enterprises. He speaks 12 languages (7 machine and 5 human).

Alex Murray is a developer, designer and project manager with over 12 years of experience working in government, NGOs and commercial digital agencies. He holds a Masters of Fine Arts and a degree in Communications.

For six years, Alex was a consultant with the NSW Department of Education and Communities, working with the Kids’ Design Challenge, Premier’s Reading Challenge and the Professional Learning and Leadership Development Directorate. He has developed websites and applications for Greenpeace, World Vision Australia and the Australian Labor Party, along with numerous commercial projects and startup ventures such as Amorelie and the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London.

Explore our work

View more on our projects page.

National Legal Aid

Codacora provided support to a large and complex project to simplify legal information across all states and territories in Australia. We work with multiple stakeholders to provide a comprehensive information resource around family violence law in Australia.

Resolution Pathways

Codacora provided web development and project design services to Resolution Pathways to augment their capacity to resolve disputes for APRA AMCOS members and licensees.

Resolve Advisors

We provide technology consultation and support to Resolve Advisors to build solutions for dispute resolution, conflict management and automation.