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Elker is an encrypted reporting and feedback tool which helps employees get support without risk and builds capacity for leaders to build strategy using data.


Demand is growing for meaningful responses to harassment, bullying, risk and workplace conflict. Leaders lack access to real-time data that would enable them to develop and enact strategies to respond and improve employee satisfaction, safety and wellbeing.

Employees are not always able to access support safely and discreetly. They may avoid reporting sensitive issues due to concerns about confidentiality, mistrust of reporting processes, or fears about repercussions.

Elker provides employees with a secure way to give feedback and report issues. Organisations access a dashboard to identify and manage sensitive issues and track trends.

Elker is built on decades of conflict management and dispute system design experience. Our predictive analytics engine identifies points of conflict and suggests appropriate responses. On-demand consultants provide support as needed. De-identified data contributes to normative industry benchmarks.

Elker is configurable for similar issues that exist in universities, industry peak bodies and in projects with many stakeholders.